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The final ten in order from last to first Doug Vizzini, Charles Solhk, Terry Mondesin, Don Allen, Anthony Reyes, Danny Ortiz  The last three players battled for almost two hours and then Chooped.  Jeff Herman, Joe, Nathana Berman great job everyone.
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Our events are not gambling and any betting is prohibited by all of our members, dealers, directors or any person directly or indirectly involved with our company.

Dealers may be tipped, but is not mandatory. All tips received by the dealers are kept by them. Our company does not take any tips received by the dealers.

At all of our events players cannot win any prizes, only points.  At our quarterly events held at the local casinos players can win prizes

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League  is an entertainment company that brings the game of No limit Texas Hold'em to bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. and provides mini sit 'n‘ go tournaments that anyone can participate for free..

     Each night the league plays, players are able to go to their favorite location and have a chance to play in a No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament, and compete to accumulate points , and best of all win the bragging rights!


Finals Winners!!!!!!

A Great Review From the Sun-Sentinel

A great night of bar poker

So, I had a spare Friday night, and got to hit the bar poker tournament at the Sports Rock Lounge in Pembroke Pines (1828 North University Dr Pembroke Pines 954-704-0290) and left with some valuable multi-table experience.

There were about 100 players -- Friday is the weekly winners' tournament night in the circuit of tournaments operated by All Poker Events. (www. They have about six to eight tournaments a night, mostly across Broward, and Dade Counties.

Well-organized tournament (Steve, the organizer has casino management experience and his dealers also work all over the place), nice folks at the table, and pretty good play. Not too much limping going on, but certainly not overwrought with all-in bluster, either. Mainly, seemed like the players knew the luck factor cards play: sometimes you outplay people and win, other times, they outplay you, only for you to come through on a suck-out. I sat next to an older lady named Mame, who I liked even though she was originally from New York.

We started with about 4,000 units and I hung in there for about 90 minutes, until the blinds got to 500-1000 and I looked down and still had my 4,000. Gotta learn to try to built it up, not be so passive. So, two hands before the blinds were coming to me and on a hand the chip bully folded on, I went all in with K-9 and lost.

Which brings the question: Anyone have a formula on how to build up chips? Double every hour?


*NOTE* All BarPokerPros events are NOT for gambling! No side betting! At no time can any player risk anything of value, nor can any BarPokerPros dealer, director, venue, or other persons require players to risk anything of value in order to play in any BarPokerPros event! Tipping the dealer is suggested but not mandatory. Additional free chips are not contingent upon the purchase of any food or beverage items from any establisments where we hold our events,